Monthly Archive: January 2012

Aquaponics For Dummies

We have been talking for months about setting up an aquaponics unit to be able to tend a year-round garden, have a steady supply of fish, and with a steady supply of produce, to create an ongoing long-term food storage cycle.  The barrels have been sitting on the back porch for months but this past …

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The Ire Of The DIY’er….

Facebook is good for plenty of things. Keeping tabs on what your co-workers and friends have been drinking this weekend … the latest round of politic cartoons … and a more recent development: a wealth of information in articles, groups, blogs and sites that spit out everything you ever wanted to know about doing it yourself. Never …

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Wanted: Chicken.

Even though I have 3 opinionated hens in our chicken coop out back, I’ve decided it is time to expand.  They produce about one egg a day, between the three of them.  I’ve concluded that they conspire about whose turn it is and which one gets a day off. Then they all offer matronly support in …

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Composting 101

Growing up, the compost pile was a mound of avocado husks and banana peels on a pile of leaves, unappealing to the dogs and strangely alluring to summertime flies and bees. Now, I’ve read up on it and realized there are worms … there are chickens …  there are pallets and round-barrel rotators, bottom-door openers and …

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Experiments In Dirt

When I was a kid, I was convinced I could grow a beanstalk that would take me past the canopy of trees in my backyard.  As a bonafide grownup, I’m certain of nothing.  Nothing except the unpredicability and humbling slap-down nature gives me if I don’t pay attention.