I Have A Stick. I Will Kick Your Ass.

The beauty of stick fighting is that anyone, really can do it.  When I first joined into a stick fighting class over a year ago, I was apprehensive, out of shape and knew absolutely nothing about fighting with sticks.  Within two short hours, I understood how small but quick movements could flag even the biggest bully, leaving him/her with ringing ears, bleeding eye sockets and smashed arms.  I loved it.

Imagine the scenario. You’re starting to get out of your car at night at the grocery store.  Two men quickly begin to approach you from different angles. Within seconds, you realize you are surrounded.


But then you reach into your car where you’ve got a 2′ long rattan stick for that just in case possibility. Well, today is totally a just in case time.  With one person closing in quick, it only takes a second to raise the stick and rain down surprisingly powerful blows that stuns the attacker and sends him stumbling.

With one other attacker too close to hit, a forward jab done with confidence (what is there to lose really? Either you defend yourself or you don’t, right?) to their throat and they drop on the spot like a ton of bricks.

You may make a mistake. You may not defend yourself as well as if you had a shotgun, or you may do better.  Someone may underestimate you and the unbelievable impact that a well-aimed stick can have.  A stick requires no license to slide it between your car door and seat.  A stick isn’t loaded and can’t go off to accidentally shoot you in the foot when you drop your purse.  It can double as an excellent back scratcher, push off an agressive dog that is putting a little crimp on your morning jog, or, it can save your life.

I’ll write more about it, as I am planning on picking it back up on a regular basis, but today’s post is only a casual opener to the awesomeness that comes from 24 inches of rattan or bamboo, wielded by practically anyone in the world.  No one will question its almost invisible appearance in your car or next to your bed.  No one will suspect the power or the damage a simple stick can do.  It is a ferocious weapon, a total wolf in sheep’s clothing.  And all that it depends on, is the person that holds it and what they do with it.

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