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Drying Herbs The Simple Way

Super quick post.  Just wanted to show we don’t need to invest in a damn thing, and we don’t need to make these skills harder than they need to be. Drying herbs, borage in this photo, can be as simple as harvesting it and letting it dry out on anything that allows for air circulation …

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All Dried Out.

I will be the first to admit to not using the food dehydrator as much as I should be.  If I were more religious about it, it is likely that I’d have a storehouse full of everything from dried fruits to jerky and sun-dried tomatoes to put on my pizzas at will.  As it is, …

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Having a food dehydrator is a great luxury. It makes it practically a no-brainer to slice up fruit or vegetables, season them slightly before popping them in, and returning half a day later to retrieve them.  But in the same way that people have been drying herbs, flowers and stalks for as long as there …

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