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Supply and Demand.

harvesting food

Like most people concerned with preparedness, I am conscious of the steadily rising prices of certain goods and the decline in quality of grocery store goods.  I learned about meat processing, slaughterhouse conditions, and the pros and cons of raising your own as opposed to forking over to someone else in charge; big decisions made …

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Why Do We Name Our Food?

Recently, a silly little youtube video made the Facebook rounds.  Unsuspecting shoppers tried and loved the sausage samples they got at the supermarket.  Aiming to please the instant gratification wishes, the deli guy runs the world’s cutest piglet through a machine that spits out ready-made sausage instantly.  Each shopper is horrified. One spits out her …

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The Humane Harvest

There is no shortage of gruesome and unsettling images on the internet.  When researching a topic such as the humane harvest of livestock, what can be found is pretty disturbing.  This is an area I have been learning more about this winter.  I didn’t initially know if it would be something I would get into …

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Wanted: Chicken.

Even though I have 3 opinionated hens in our chicken coop out back, I’ve decided it is time to expand.  They produce about one egg a day, between the three of them.  I’ve concluded that they conspire about whose turn it is and which one gets a day off. Then they all offer matronly support in …

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